Denise H. Lau

Tax Manager

Enrolled Agent

BS, Accounting, San Francisco State University

Photo of Denise H. Lau

Areas of Expertise

I specialize in client setups/services. Helping people is the most rewarding feeling for me. I can also learn a lot from clients. No two clients are the same — each of them has unique needs and issues. I find it most interesting to work with different personalities, and that makes my job very enjoyable.

Why I Do What I Do

I love problem solving and putting a puzzle together. Helping people is also my main goal.

What I Do When I'm Not Working

I am a Team Manager on my daughter Janice's basketball team. She is 11 years old and belongs to an Asian Basketball Organization, a nonprofit that allows Asian kids to participate in the sport. The organization's mission is to motivate kids to be active, help them learn teamwork, and develop their self-esteem. One thing I've learned from working with the kids, parents, and coaches, is patience! I like badminton, and try to play once a week. And traveling the world is a goal of mine.

My Clients Would Never Guess...

. . . that I am also an outgoing person. I don't just sit at the desk working all the time!

What's For Breakfast

Rice Krispies . . . but I prefer a bagel with cream cheese.

I Take My Coffee...

With sugar only — and only one cup a day.

If I Were an Animal, I'd Be...

. . . a deer. I am shy, I don't like conflicts/fights, and I am very friendly and easygoing.

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