Steve Tiret


Certified Public Accountant

BS Accounting, 1974
San Francisco State University

Photo of Steve Tiret

Areas of Expertise

I specialize in client services that include tax & financial planning & financial management for medical dental professionals and small business owners.

Why I Do What I Do

I love being of service to my clients and helping them organize their financial lives and reach their financial independence goals.

What I Do When I'm Not Working

Golf, gardening & working out. I am also a member of the Pacific Dugoni Foundation Board at UOP Arthur A Dugoni School of Dentistry, since 2000.

My Clients Would Never Guess...

In my previous career about 45 years ago, I was a professional drummer — playing in a rock group, paying my way through college.

What's For Breakfast

Spoon Sized Shredded Wheat with a banana.

I Take My Coffee...

Black & strong.

If I Were an Animal, I'd Be...

. . . a lion, because they are a symbol of strength — and the male lion protects his pride much as I do my clients.

Words To Live By

I live in Mill Valley and have twin sons, 38; a beautiful stepdaughter, 25; two beautiful daughters-in-law; and three grandkids - two girls and one boy.

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